Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Garden Rotini Pasta Salad

For a family get-together, my aunt brought this wonderful pasta salad. She told me how simple it was, and I HAD to make it! This is my new go-to for gatherings. I also like to make it and eat it for almost every single meal throughout the week...it's just that good. I like this recipe too because you can really cater it towards who you are feeding. If you're at an adult gathering, use more of a specialized dressing, spicier pepperoni, and sharper cheese. For kids, use a more simple dressing and flavors that aren't as strong. If you've ever had Suddenly Salad, this is pretty much the same thing, but tastes more fresh! When we were younger, my mom used to make a pasta salad like this, and my siblings and I used to call them "Hakuna Matata Noodles" because they reminded us of the food Simone and Pumba ate on The Lion King. Pretty smart on my mom's part to get us to eat our lunch!
Really, this recipe is so simple. I like to use Kraft dressing because it has a really good taste! I buy the garden noodles to make them a little bit more nutritious, they use spinach and other veggies mixed into the noodles!

I also like this recipe because it can easily be made beforehand. I cook the noodles, cut everything up, and put them in seperate containers. If we are traveling, I can put everything into a cooler and then mix them together right before it's served to have a more fresh taste.

1 box of Garden Rotini
2 cups of cubed cheese
2 cups cherry tomatoes, cut into fourths
1 bell pepper, chopped
20 pepperoni slices, cut into fourths
1 can of olives


  1. Cook pasta according to package and then drain and rinse in cold water
  2. While pasta is cooking, cut the other ingredients
  3. Mix together with one bottle of preferred Italian dressing 

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